How it Works

  1. Fill in the taxi request form.
  2. Enter your valid phone number in the format 07xxxxxxxx. This is IMPORTANT for SMS notifications.
  3. These SMS notifications will contain the quoted fare price and make & model of taxi as well as instructions on how to proceed.
  4. A link will also be provided where you could view more details about the application (see passport size photo of the driver, reject application e.t.c)
  5. Once you get an application you like, proceed to make the booking payment. A link to the payments page is provided.
  6. Payments are processed before the taxi is dispatched so as to protect the driver and to show your commitment to the request. You can pay using MPESA, Airtel Money, Credit Card, Paypal e.t.c.
  7. Wait for your taxi to arrive as arranged!

Taxi operators and companies need to register before they can use our services. The registration process is easy and should not take more than 3 minutes.

  1. Register for a MyTaxi account by filling in your valid contact details.
  2. An SMS with a confirmation code will be sent to the phone number you provide. Enter this code in the form provided.
  3. Fill in your profile truthfully and accurately. Please note that you cannot make applications if you have not filled in your profile.
  4. Fill in your Taxi Details form.
  5. Check out available taxi requests and apply.

You will receive an SMS notification every time a new taxi request is made.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Anyone aged 18 and above can use our services.
To get a taxi, fill in this form and wait for responses sent as SMS notifications to your phone.
No. As a passenger, you are not required to have an account with us. You only need to fill in a form to request a taxi.
Once you have selected your taxi and proceeded to make a payment, we will provide you with the contact and identification details of the taxi/driver. The driver will identify himself when he comes to pick you up. In the event that the identification details of the driver or taxi details do not match those sent to you earlier, you are required not to get into the taxi and notify us immediately. Also, if there are other passengers in the taxi, you are advised not to get into the taxi and notify us immediately.
No. We do not provide taxi or car hire services. MyTaxi only facilitates the link between taxis, taxi companies, and potential passengers.
Absolutely. Our site uses 128-bit SSL encryption for data transmission and 256-bit AES encryption when storing data. This means that communication within our website is safe. In some instances, you may be redirected to a secure payment gateway to complete your payment.
Once a transaction has been completed and the selected taxi notified, you are not required to change the pickup location or destination. If, however, you want these details changed, you are required to contact us immediately. This is aimed at protecting our drivers as it could pose major security problems.

Have any other question? Chat with us using the live support link at the bottom right corner of this page or send us a message.

Attention: We are currently operating within Nairobi. We will extend our services to other areas/regions soon.