Terms of Service

These terms of service is a legal agreement between YOU and My Taxi and outlines the general conditions that govern your access to and use of services offered by My Taxi including the My Taxi website and android mobile application, either as a passenger, individual taxi operator, or taxi and car hire company. You are strongly urged to review these entire terms of service before transacting with us.


  1. “Passenger”(s) denotes any individual user who accesses My Taxi services either through the My Taxi website, mobile application, or social media pages for purposes of procuring a taxi.
  2. “Taxi and car hire companies” denote those companies which are licensed under Kenyan laws to possess and manage a fleet of taxis or vehicles for hire.
  3. “Individual taxi operators” denote those taxi owners who operate independently.
  4. “You” denotes both all concerned parties with the exclusion of My Taxi as follows: Passengers, Taxi and car hire companies, and Individual taxi operators.
  5. “Transaction” denotes the entire process that begins when a potential passenger sends a request for a taxi and ends with his or her subsequent payment of the quote fare price by the selected taxi.


  • Only taxi & car hire companies and individual taxi operators are required to register for a My Taxi account in order to use My Taxi services.
  • There is a mandatory one-time registration fee of KES 250 renewable every 4 months.
  • Only those with full legal capacity and the correct credentials are allowed to register.
  • You are required to provide accurate, complete, and up to date information as requested during the registration process.
  • By agreeing to register, you also agree that you will be subject to scrutiny as deemed necessary by My Taxi; that all legal means may be used to facilitate your identification; and that at any given time, My Taxi may request additional personal data for purposes of identification and verification.
  • You may only register ONE My Taxi account, which is non-transferable to third parties.
  • My Taxi, in its sole and absolute discretion, may refuse to approve, terminate, or limit My Taxi accounts with or without cause or notice, other than those required by law.
  • My Taxi is not liable in any way for any harm, injury, or loss, whether economic or otherwise, that may arise as a result of using the My Taxi website or mobile application.


  • My Taxi reserves the sole right to discontinue without cause or notice, any aspect of our services at any time. Without attracting any liability, My Taxi may impose certain restrictions or limits on certain service features, including limiting the service to certain parts. However, if My Taxi elects to suspend any of its services or features, registered My Taxi account holder will be duly notified via the contact information provided during registration.


  • My Taxi does not warrant that its services will at all times be uninterrupted or error-free. Hence, My Taxi shall not be held responsible for any damages that may arise by way of service interruptions i.e. through power outages or system failures, prohibitive decisions made by the government or by local authorities, or damage to electronic equipment such as computers, tablets, iPads, mobile devices, etc.
  • You agree and accept that by using My Taxi services, you absolve My Taxi from any risk or harm or loss that may arise as a result of any acts or omissions, robbery, theft, death, and the ineffective fulfillment of obligations from a particular individual taxi operator or taxi and car hire company.
  • My Taxi does not provide transportation services either by way of taxi or car hire. My Taxi serves only as a link between individual taxi operators, taxi & car hire companies, and passengers. Hence, you agree that My Taxi has no direct relationship with a particular taxi driver or passenger and is not responsible for any delays, discomfort, accidents, or


  • Passengers, individual taxi operators, and taxi companies all agree and accept the risks of using services offered by My Taxi, including using the My Taxi website and mobile application.
  • Passengers accept that My Taxi conducts no driver selection on their behalf to determine their legality, suitability, physical or mental health status. Hence, by accepting a particular taxi, passengers agree that such decisions are based entirely on information provided by that particular taxi during registration.
  • Individual taxi operators and taxi & car hire companies agree that passengers may sometimes elect to alter instructions pertaining to date, time, or location in regards to pick-up or drop-off. Hence, by accepting such alterations, Individual taxi operators and taxi & car hire services accept that any additional payment needed shall be covered by the passenger and not by My Taxi. Should the passenger refuse to comply, My Taxi will not be held liable for any resulting damages or loss.


  • Payment of quoted fare price is required in order to successfully complete a transaction.
  • Payment is only made via PesaPal, MPESA, AIRTEL MONEY, ORNAGE MONEY, or our LIPA NA MPESA till number.
  • You understand that My Taxi is only responsible for collecting and disbursing payment as indicated in the transaction. Any additional payments that may be required by taxi and car hire companies or individual taxi operators outside the quoted transaction amount will not be covered by My Taxi.


  • Any complaints about the services we provide should be addressed to us with a clear indication of the complaint via our support team as outlined in our website.
  • We shall send you an acknowledgment email confirming our receipt of the complaint within 48 hours.
  • In cases where disputes arise between buyers and seller, My Taxi shall mediate such disputes at the request of either party.


  • We reserve the right and discretion to change, alter, amend, or modify these Terms of Service.
  • We shall provide notification of such changes via your primary email address as provided during the signup process.
  • Changes will become effective after the initial notification, upon which you will be deemed to have accepted them.
  • Changes pertaining to fees, pricing, and other charges shall come into effect immediately and you shall not have the right to object such changes.
  • In the event you elect to object any such changes, they will not apply to you or your account. However, any such objection will attract notice to terminate your My Taxi account, which will be closed in accordance with or account termination procedures.


  • These Terms of Service shall be construed under, and governed by the laws of the Republic of Kenya, and the courts of Kenya will decide any claim or dispute, legal or otherwise, in relation to these Terms of Service.
Attention: We are currently operating within Nairobi. We will extend our services to other areas/regions soon.